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African Relief Fund (ARF) is on the ground in Somalia, Ethiopia, and The Gambia and working through partners in Zimbabwe and Kenya. We’re delivering food, water, medical assistance, and basic essentials to people severely affected by extreme weather conditions and conflict. Many have lost their livelihoods. Many others have lost their homes. They are desperate and in need of the relief your Zakat can provide.

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‘The alms are only for the poor and the needy, and those who collect them, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the captives and the debtors, and for the cause of Allah, and (for) the wayfarers; a duty imposed by Allah. Allah is knower, Wise.’ (Quran, 9:60)
Give Food Aid with Your Zakat

ARF provides food packs to needy households and refuge camps that house displaced people. The £75 packs include non-perishable and nutritious food supplies to sustain an average-sized family for up to three weeks.

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Sponsor Quran Hifz with Your Zakat

ARF takes great delight in running programmes that assist African children in receiving Quranic education. Each programme is intended to promote the religious components of Islam to make students better Muslims.

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Sponsor an Orphan with your Zakat

ARF supports orphans and their guardian families with a monthly stipend and food pack. We also provide annual medical check-ups for our sponsored orphans and give each child an Eid gift twice a year.

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‘The Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘The one who cares for an orphan, and myself will be together in Paradise like this’ and he held his two fingers together to illustrate. ’ (Bukhari, 6005)

Our Zakat Transparency and Accountability

At ARF, we implement our projects through committed staff and volunteers who work at our field offices or through trusted partner organisations in countries where we don’t have a base on the ground.

ARF is committed to acknowledging and accounting for all Zakat donations we receive. We ensure that our projects fully comply with the rules regarding the distribution and eligibility of recipients. We also ensure that your Zakat reaches only those most worthy of it, according to the Islamic rulings: the poor and needy Muslims.

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Zakat FAQs

What is Zakat?

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, after the belief in the oneness of Allah and prayer. ‘Zakat’ is the obligatory charity due to surplus wealth. Every Muslim with a year’s worth of savings over the Nisab amount is obliged to pay Zakat to those in need, who have a right to that wealth. Zakat or ‘Zakah’ literally means to cleanse. When we, as Muslims, fulfil this obligation, not only are we honoring a divine commandment, but we are also ‘cleansing’ our wealth. When given with purity of intention, this act makes us feel closer to Allah and happier, knowing we are helping others while earning rewards in this life and for the Hereafter.

What is Nisab?

Nisab is the minimum value of wealth that an adult Muslim must have in his/her possession for one lunar year to pay Zakat. Nisab is the equivalent value of 87.48 grammes of gold or 612,36 grammes of silver. Zakat is to be paid at 2,5% of total wealth. Some rules govern how to calculate the total on which Zakat is due. If in doubt, consult recognized authorities or use our easy Zakat Calculator.

What distinguishes Zakat from other forms of charity?

Zakat is a mandatory kind of charity, whereas Sadaqah is an optional charity form.

Can Zakat be given in the form of goods or services?

While Zakat is normally offered in wealth or money, some scholars allow donating commodities, particularly agricultural produce, instead of currency.

Is Zakat required for all sorts of wealth?

No, wealth must meet certain conditions to be eligible for Zakat, such as being above the Nisab threshold and retained for a set amount of time.

What happens if a person's wealth falls below the Nisab level during the year?

If a person's wealth falls below the Nisab threshold before the end of the lunar year, they are not required to pay Zakat for that year.

Can Zakat pay in advance?

Yes, some scholars permit paying Zakat ahead of time if one's wealth exceeds the Nisab threshold.

What if someone purposefully fails to pay Zakat?

Avoiding Zakat on purpose is considered a sin and a breach of a fundamental pillar of Islam. Repentance and fulfilment of the responsibility are required.

Can family members receive Zakat?

Zakat cannot be donated to one's direct ancestors (parents, grandparents) or descendants (children, grandchildren). Other relatives in need, on the other hand, may be qualified.

is Zakat required for minors or those in debt?

Minors and individuals in debt are exempt from paying Zakat until they achieve the Nisab threshold and are debt-free.

Is it permissible to contribute Zakat to organisations outside of one's own country?

Yes, Zakat can be donated to organisations that distribute it to individuals in need worldwide.

What if someone doesn't know the exact value of their wealth?

To calculate Zakat eligibility, it is necessary to produce a credible estimate of one's wealth. If you are unsure, seek the advice of scholars or specialists.

How does the African Relief Fund ensure that Zakat is used correctly?

ARF uses an open and accountable Zakat collection and distribution method to ensure funds reach eligible recipients through verified programmes.

How will my Zakat be used by the ARF?

Yes, the ARF frequently offers various programmes and projects corresponding to the Zakat recipient categories, allowing donors to dedicate their Zakat to specific causes.

Can I help the ARF by volunteering to witness Zakat distribution?

Many organisations, including ARF, let volunteers participate in fieldwork and see the impact of their Zakat directly..

How does the ARF select its Zakat recipients?

ARF uses specified criteria to identify eligible receivers, such as the impoverished, the needy, those in debt, and other Islamic jurisprudence-defined groups.

Is ARF only concerned with Zakat collection and distribution?

While Zakat is an important part of their work, ARF frequently works on humanitarian projects beyond Zakat, tackling various challenges impacting African communities.

Can non-Muslims contribute to the African Relief Fund for Zakat distribution?

While Zakat only applies to Muslims, non-Muslims can contribute to ARF's other philanthropic projects that benefit many African communities.

How do I calculate my Zakat amount before donating to ARF?

ARF frequently offers online calculators and materials to assist you in calculating your Zakat due based on your assets and financial circumstances.

Can I donate more to ARF than the necessary Zakat amount?

Yes, you can give more than your Zakat commitment as Sadaqah to assist ARF's projects.

Join Us on Our Journey to Make a Difference in the World

African Relief Fund is looking for ways to expand its ways to gather donations for aid projects in African communities. But we need your Help. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of unprivileged people in Africa and give them the chance they deserve.

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Your donation will reach people who are in dire need of it through our several emergency aid projects.

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