‘Righteousness in the sight of God dwells in one who, despite his love for it, gives of his wealth in charity to close relatives and orphans and to the needy and the wayfarer …’ (Quran, 2:177)

How We Sponsor an Orphan

ARF’s Orphan Sponsorship Programme supports boys and girls from the age of six who’ve lost one parent or both. Staff and volunteers at our field offices visit the children and their families regularly. They monitor each orphan child’s progress and check if they need further assistance.

Monthly Food Pack

Nourish hearts and homes with our Monthly Food Pack - Sustaining families, one meal at a time.

Monthly stipend

We have a monthly stipend programme to cover the orphan’s basic expenses and school fees.

Eid Gifts for the Orphan

Spread joy and love with heartfelt gifts for orphans with our Edi Gift programme twice a year.

Medical Check-up

Give the gift of health and hope to orphaned children with our Medical Check-up programme.

We Need Your Help

ARF partners with local organisations that help us identify orphan families that need our support. Our Orphan Sponsorship Programme supports 50 orphans in Mogadishu, Afgooye, and Burao.

We know that caring for an orphan is highly regarded in Islam because it is a great responsibility and often difficult to bear alone. That’s why we try to shoulder some of that responsibility to share in the blessings. Join us in the effort to care for orphans in Somalia by sponsoring an orphan child today.

Your £30 a month can provide an orphan with food, clothing, healthcare, and schooling, while £360 can cover an orphan’s basic expenses for a year and ensure they stay in school.

Sponsor an Orphan

Thank You from Afgooye (Somalia)

Launched in 2012, our Orphan Sponsorship Programme is still growing, but it’s made a world of difference to the lives of dozens of orphaned children and their adoptive families. ARF field staff in Afgooye regularly report on sponsorships' positive impact. The families who want to raise the children as best they can, can now afford to feed them and let them remain in school,’ they’ve said.

Help more Orphans
Join Us on Our Journey to Make a Difference in the World

African Relief Fund is looking for ways to expand its ways to gather donations for aid projects in African communities. But we need your Help. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of unprivileged people in Africa and give them the chance they deserve.

Donate Now and Make a World a Better Place!

Your donation will reach people who are in dire need of it through our several emergency aid projects.

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